The first tab project manager opens in the morning

We integrate all the information from platforms
your team is using to one dashboard.


Integrations are the future

All the existing platforms are great at what they offer and people are used to working with those tools. So there is no need to change that. The project manager can integrate all the tools in use to one dashboard.

Information from one place

Get a quick overview of the project super fast!

Download reports quickly

Since all the information is in one place you can easily download a report with a project overview with a few clicks. Be prepared with a lot less effort.

Share your Workspace safely with out-house partners

All the partners can share files and get important information from one place.

Safe space

Share your project’s Workspace with partners with full control over what they can access.

Use whatever filesharing system you want

If your partner is using a different file sharing system, you won’t even notice it! Workspace brings all the files into one place.

Plans & Pricing


  • 1 active Workspace
  • 1 module
  • Price per extra module 12 €
  • Support via e-mail


  • 12 active Workspaces
  • 15 modules
  • Price per extra module 3€
  • Support via chat, e-mail, call
  • Experimental features


  • Unlimited active Workspaces
  • Unlimited modules
  • Price per extra module FREE
  • Support via chat, e-mail, call
  • Experimental features
  • Feature requests

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