Can project management be automated?

The project manager’s job is to keep everything under control. However, this control takes up a lot of time and energy that is directly related to costs. If some of the Project Manager’s tasks can be automated, it sure can help to diminish the costs and also make more time to work faster and maybe even deal with more projects at the same time. Which of course means make the company more money!

But what are the most time-consuming tasks a project manager has?

Google says it is project monitoring and analysis. And those two parts are very connected – doing the monitoring part well, makes analyzing part much easier. But what are the parts a Project Manager can automate and how to do it?

While interviewing a lot of project managers from different fields we discovered that each company has its own set of tools they use for their everyday work. Some like to keep track of the task list purely in Excel, some use Asana or Jira and some rely on information gathered from meetings – as many different people there are as many different options there are. The important thing is that everybody works with tools they know to support their job the best.

But this is only one part of the monitoring the project manager needs to do. In addition to keeping up with the management, they also need to know where the files are, keep track of time and be aware of everybody’s workload. Gathering all that information takes plenty of tabs and platforms to go through. 

For this has designed a platform for project managers to get all the information about a project from one place. It integrates information from task management tools, different calendars, and file storage and gives the project manager a quick overview of how things are going. 

Automating the info collection part frees up time from everyday work and helps to reduce the human factor of miscommunication. 

So, yes – project management can be automated so that it supports the project manager’s time efficiency.

Try out and see yourself!