How Project Management Can Improve Organizational Performance

An organization’s performance of course consists of plenty of different aspects. In addition to hard facts like the number of clients, revenue, performance, reach and so on, there are also human factors like different work and communication styles, motivation, workflow, clarity. All these affect how the organization is going to perform. Some of these things are highly effective and work well, others are things that hold down the growth of the company.

While researching why people quit their jobs, we discovered a statistic that 25% of people who quit their jobs do it because they don’t have a clear understanding of what they need to do at their job. This means that the management has not fulfilled their task – to manage people. 

At the same time, people are the biggest resource a company has. So how can a company manage their money well if they don’t even manage their people well enough? 

Clarity about tasks and workflow gives the employees the confidence they need to have a good level of productivity and performance to contribute to the company’s growth. And this is what brings the company success.

To gain clarity about work, it needs a system.

There are plenty of different options – you can create your own, but then you need to take into account the testing and developing period when the flaws of the system appear (for you to fix them). You can also use a system that is already built for you and save the time otherwise spent on developing and implementing the system. 

For project managers, we recommend starting with After integrating the tools your team uses for their everyday work, you can get an easy overview of the project progress and use the information gathered from there to implement better management for your team.

People are the biggest resource you have!